Rocco Commiso, the Poor Timber Boy who is now a tie-maker

New York – Never underestimate a person from his or her origin. Even a carpenter’s son whose childhood must feel poor life can become a successful entrepreneur and into the richest billionaires in the world.

It is Rocco Commisso, a poor carpenter’s son who now manages to have total assets worth US $ 4.3 billion or Rp 59.1 trillion (Rp 13,748 / US $).

Launched page Forbes, Sunday (18/3/2018), father of 68-year-old man is a carpenter with very low income. Father, brother, and himself moved from Italy to the United States (US) when he was only 12 years old.

After moving to the US, he had difficulty communicating because he did not speak English at all. But New York City gave him good luck. He saw the talent competition soon arrived in the city.

Young Commisso then signed up as a solo accordionist and won the talent competition. His talents also stole the attention of Wakefield’s manager who wrote a letter to a local Catholic school to receive Commisso as his student.

“I became the only child who managed to get into the school without a test,” he said.

Lucky was on his side

Still, Commisso had to work for 40 hours per week to earn money to pay for his school fees.

Good luck was once again on his side as he was about to enroll. His sports teacher calls up the Columbia University football coach and says he has a very promising student.

In just a month, Commisso, who never even played football in school, got a full scholarship on the famous campus. In 1972, he was even invited to join the US soccer team’s test at the Olympic Games.

He then took a business school to fulfill his desire to change life for the better financially. Commisso graduated as one of the best graduates and earned an award from his campus.

The story of his career from zero to become a successful entrepreneur

At that time he plans to work in the banking and investment industries. But no one bid came.

“There was a discrimination at the time, I never forgot my friend saying, ‘Rocco, you know what the problem is because you’re a Jew, no Italians land on Wall Street,'” he recalled.

This unyielding man then landed his first job at Chase Manhattan Bank. Then he moved to Royal Bank of Canada. Shortly a career in the banking world, this 68-year-old man switched industry and worked as a CFO in Cablevision Industries which Time Warner acquired in 1995.

After working for nine years in the company, Commisso then tried to establish his own company, Mediacom. At that time, the wiring industry was very vulnerable because of many new regulations that increased competition among entrepreneurs.

But with his hard work, Commisso managed to overcome all obstacles in the beginning of his business. Each year his company continues to show remarkable growth. This year is the second year Commisso broke through the list of the world’s richest people by being ranked 499th.


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